Thursday, 22 August 2013

Beamish, County Durham

This review has moved to Beamish Museum


  1. Brilliant review. I've only ever heard good things about Beamish, but I had no idea it was so immense! Definitely a 'must-do' :)

  2. Never been to Beamish, but have heard lots of positive reports from people who have been.
    Will have to go at some point! :-)

  3. That is a full day out! It does look huge with so many things to explore and take part in. How great to be able to step back in time and staff there re-creating some of the day to day living. Thanks for linking up and sharing your great family day out with Country Kids.

  4. What a great day out, lots to do and see!

  5. I've done it with a small child and while it is tiring and you don't see as much of the inside places it's still a fab day out. She's three now and knows her way around, we've been that many times!!


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